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*Note* Some shmups have different frame startups for shot versus movement, so I have noted in what shmups these differences occur. However, when considering the games “inherent” input lag, refer to the ship movement as some games, like Akai Katana, have intentionally delayed shot (for whatever reason).

You may need to scroll horizontally to see the whole table.

[table id=210 /]

* Consistency is how often a game is able to achieve its lowest level of input lag. I have chosen to use this style of notation because there isn’t such a thing as half or quarter frames. So a game that alternates between 3 and 4 frames of lag would be considered to have 3 frames of lag (the lowest number) with 50% consistency, rather than 3.5 frames.




Dodonpachi SaiDaiOuJou:

This game was tested over 75 different times. No consistent pattern to the 4 frame vs 3 frame input lag was identified. Also, the game was tested with both smoothing off and smoothing on. It was found that smoothing and extra window did not cause any additional input lag.

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