To Defeat the Machine, I Must Become the Machine

A little over two months ago, I quit Twitter to the surprise and confusion of many. On my channel, I made a video explaining my reasoning and why I made the decision (linked at bottom of article). Since then, I am happy to report back that I have had a much clearer mind and have had more energy to devote to creating content. My primary purpose of being on the internet is to create, rather than to engage in a strange online social hierarchy. As I explained in the video, I directly felt the effects of Twitter’s mental conditioning and it was fogging up and confusing my thoughts. I was also becoming stressed by concerns I would have never worried about otherwise.

If you are having similar experiences with Twitter, I will say that getting off of the platform was a major relief for me personally, so maybe it is something to consider. What was crazy was that, in the weeks after quiting, I experienced some tweet withdraws, which is pretty sad. For example, I’d be outside walking and would be struck by a thought that would be a “perfect tweet,” but instead of interrupting my walk to try and get the thought validated by Twitter as before, I would continue on and be able to advance the idea into a video or something more substantial. Twitter really was retraining the way I thought and communicated.

Anyway, for the past few weeks I have been thinking about what I want to do about social media, in relation to The Electric Underground. When studying my channel’s analytics, I wasn’t surprised to see that Twitter had hardly added to my viewership (Reddit is actually a much stronger source of traffic, it turns out), but it and the other social media platforms are still an extra place to reach a wider audience.

Social Media is in “External”
Twitter was only adding 6.3% of a tiny 11.1% of pie. That’s a whopping 0.006993% of my total views, according to my calculator.

What I find really interesting about these numbers, is just how irrelevant the System11 forum, or the farm, is when it comes to public outreach. People on the farm insist that the genre is dead, and yet they are not even a grain of sand when compared to the total potential audience out there. It’s like a door-to-door salesmen saying retail has died, meanwhile Amazon is making billions in sales.

As I stated before, I do not want to engage in social media if I can help it. So I have come up with a plan:

To Beat the Machine, I Must Become the Machine!!!

In other words, I am going to create social media accounts like everyone else, but they are going to be fully automated. I am not ever going to check them or respond to them, but they will be a reliable feed of my content. To be honest this is probably the best for everyone, imagine a twitter where you only saw the content creators you follow dropping content, and not engaging in arguments or whatever craziness is going on TiTtur that day.

Here is my new Content Feed Twitter Account:

I am also working on an Instagram account as well.

Here is my video giving my full thoughts on why I left Twitter:


Mark MSX

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