Shmup Input Lag Results Examples

Hey everyone,

I’ve decided, for those who are curious about what my lag results look like, before I put them to the table, to add this page of some lag test results. One thing you’ll notice is that, in each result, I make sure that the “Frame 0” test is when the light is just igniting, so that way I’m measuring when the light and the monitor are synced up with each other. This actually is really easy to do and requires pretty much no interpretation (does the light get brighter in “frame one”?). I’ve been able to reproduce the same lag tests results of the same games on many different occasions over the span of a year. I also welcome anyone to use the same setup that I do, if you want to try and reproduce the same numbers.

Futari (Xbox 360) “0 Vsync”


Futari (Xbox 360) “1 Vsync”

DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou (no slowdown at all, beginning of stage)

DoDonPachi SaiDaiOuJou

(typical slowdown, when enemies are on screen *SDOJ lag is weird and all over the place*)

Dodonpachi DFK (Xbox 360)

Mushihimesama (Xbox 360)

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