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Episode Liner Notes

(Behind the Scenes)


Episode I:
Introduction to the Show


Episode II:
Arcades as Art


Episode III:
Lightning Strikes!
A Conversation with the Fabled Shmup Master


Episode IV:
The Eaglet Has Landed!
A Discussion about High Level Play


Episode V:
Shmup Collecting … Hardcore?
With Guest Gameboy Guru


Episode VI:
Clearing Up the PAL FPS Myth
with EX Mosquito!


Episode VII:
The Artist Formally Known as Keres,
Shmup Streaming with Cloudy Music


Episode VIII:
We’ll Always Have Paris,
Eaglet and Plasmo Return From Stunfest!


Episode IX:
Man or Machine?
Setting High Scores with Jaimers


Episode X:
Full Circle, Aquas Talks STG Weekly,
Arcade Memories, Shmups + Speedrunning, and More!


Episode XI:
Bring Arcades Back!
Interview With EXA Arcadia CEO


Episode XII:
Reviewing Shmups
with Bullet Heaven


Episode XIII:
The New Blood (Part I),
Shmup eSports, Competition, and Engagement


Episode XIV:
The French Connection,
Gekko of Shmup Em’ All and the French Shmup Scene


Episode XV:
Moe or Not to Moe?
Shmup Visual Design with Comic Book Artist Jay Shy


Episode XVI:
(YB Part II) Eye of the Beholder,
The Biology of Seeing Shmups


Episode XVII:
The Man, The Myth, The Legend,
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