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Thank you for submitting your score! Remember, a video link is required for all newly submitted scores. The only exceptions are “legacy” scores from the system.11 forum, these scores will listed on their own “Legacy-Unverified” table.

Before submitting please read THIS PAGE about the rules and philosophy of this board.

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Key to Fields:

  • Game = The game your score belongs to. If you are playing an Arrange or Revision (like Dodonpachi DaiOuJou Black Label) please make note of that.
  • Scoring Category = The scoring category is typically the combination of your ship type + difficulty. Like with Dodonpachi, an example would be A-L (Arcade). How score splitting works can vary from game to game, so in this case just list both your ship type and difficulty level and the moderators can make the splits.
  • Player = The player who achieved the score.
  • Score = The score achieved. Please list the score with commas. 
  • Stage = the stages reached or cleared. If you cleared the game please write 1cc. If you cleared a game with 2 loops (like Dodonpachi), please write 2-all. If you cleared the first loop only, then 1-all. Otherwise, list the last stage you reached before dying. You may indicate if you made it to the stage boss with a B at the end of your listing. Such as 1-6B.
  • Platform = What you are playing on etc (PS4, Xbox360, Arcade). Emulation would just be listed as Arcade unless there is something weird about the emulator.
  • Link = Link to your video. Video is required to submit a score. Video quality needs to be passable enough to see what’s going on. This is what the moderators will review for legitimacy.

Score Submissions Coming Soon! We are currently in the process of moving over legacy scores.

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