Input Lag Data

Welcome to my input lag database!

Listed here is input lag data that I have scientifically gathered for shmup games and shmup-related hardware. The overall philosophy behind my method of determining input lag is by using the most responsive equipment available. All games were tested using a CRT monitor (which is essentially lagless) using native controllers for each platform (NO CONVERTERS). In the case of platforms that are HDMI only, such as the PS4 and Switch, I used a HD Fury HDMI to VGA cable, which I have tested to be lagless. The results you see in this database are the lowest possible levels of lag. In games that have v-sync or smoothing options, these options were disabled. As you will see in the photos, an LED light has been wired into my arcade stick to shine when the fire button is pressed. The wiring for this light is parallel to the wiring for the control PCB, so it also accounts for controller lag. All footage captured at 60 FPS, of course 😉


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