Claim Shmup Slam 3 Winnings!

Hi Everyone,

I am writing this to reach out to the winners of the Shmup Slam 3 Giveways. There are some of the winners I have been able to contact and give them their winnings, but there are others that I have been unable to contact. Here is the list of winners:

Day 1

  • vic viper = Super xyx
  • tyler howard = Demonizer
  • Chinopolis = zeroranger (sent steam friend request)

Day 2

(Day 2 Games Provided by Astral Gunner Developer, MetaWaddleDood and 13 AM Alex/Gojiguy)

  • ZPS = Astral Gunner Steam Key – RECIEVED
  • KyoKusagani = Astral Gunner Steam Key – RECIEVED
  • QuakeDukeNukem = Astral Gunner Steam Key
  • QuakeDukeNukem = ZeroRanger
  • Sami Sati = Blue Revolver
  • GooeyHeat = Super XYX

To claim the winnings, please respond to the Youtube community post with your youtube account (so I can verify that it is you). Also, in your youtube account settings, please some have some sort of contact method I can use to message you directly, whether that be via steam, twitter, twitch, reddit, email, etc.

Please Put Something I Can Message You Directly In Your Links on Your Channel

Thanks again for watching Shmup Slam 3 and participating!



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