Getting Prepared for Shmup Slam 2

Hey everyone,

I am writing this quick post to help everyone get prepared for slam 2. I want to have this even run as smoothly as possible, so here is some advice and requests I have for everyone to get ready for Saturday.


  1. Prepare your setup now. This goes for both players and commentators. If you are a player, please go through and check your obs settings and stream settings so that when the time comes, you can just power on and be ready to play. Some suggestions I have are to make sure that you are streaming on a wired connection, not wifi, and that you aren’t dropping frames when you stream. The quality of the event stream will be 720p (since 1080 pushes my hardware too hard) so your stream being 720p is perfectly fine. IF you have a part of your overlay that you want included on the event stream, like handcam, please place it somewhere on the play field (like the top corners or something) so that it will be captured. Any part of your stream outside the playfield won’t be captured. This is because I don’t want to spend any extra time messing around with overlay settings and such.
  2. Prepare your audio settings and setup now. Like with game play, the event will run much smoother if everyone’s audio equipment is ready to go right away. If you are a commentator, please also be on a wired connection and have your mic levels balanced. It is likely I will have to fine tune the levels when you hop onto the event stream, but this process will be much faster if your mic is already functioning correctly. You can check your mic settings in obs, this is around the level you want to aim for, where your mic is loud when you are talking loudly, but not clipping. If you are commentating your own run, I’ve found that having a ratio like this seems to sound the best on playback:
  3. Be prepared to participate 30 minutes before your timeslot (if possible). The event’s schedule is not going to be completely on track, there is no way. It is very possible that your run will either need to happen within 30 min before your timeslot, or 30 min after your timeslot. This I cannot predict, but I think if everyone is prepared to go within this time (if possible), we can keep things moving. My goal is to keep this event on schedule as much as possible and have as little downtime between runs as we can manage. So being prepared and ready within your time slot to go is going to help immensely.
  4. Commentators, start studying for your runs now. If you are commentating on someone else’s run in a game you are not entirely familiar with (and props to you for doing that), please start studying the run now so that you are prepared and ready for when you need to hop on the mic. This is something I definitely have to do ha.


How the Stream will work

Ironically, if you are just playing and not commentating at all, then all you have to do is have your stream setup and ready to go, and start playing when you get the signal. If you are commentating your own run, then just make sure to have your audio balance figured out beforehand as well (like I mentioned above).

If you are commentating, what we will be doing is watching the player’s stream as you commentate, NOT the shmup slam stream. To commentate, you will join the commentary desk in this discord channel and do some quick mic tests with me to get your levels dialed in. Once that is done and you are ready to be on stream, I will give you a countdown and then go live. 🙂

If you are doing a dual commentary, then just be sure to have both players streams up and running at the same time on your computer, so you can see both. I suggest just doing two separate twitch windows.

Prior to your time slot, please keep an eye on the discord because I will constantly sending people messages to give reminders and instructions.

How Resets and Duals Will work

The reset rules are as follows.

  • You get 2 resets in stage I
  • you get 1 reset in Stage II.
  • There is no refreshing the amount of resets you get between attempts.
  • For example, you could reset twice in stage I and then reset again in stage II.
  • You could also reset once in stage I, reset in stage II, and then reset again in stage I.
  • But you CANNOT reset in stage II twice.
  • The cut-off for a stage reset is after the stage score tally.
  • Once you enter stage 3, no more resets are allowed.

For duals, we will try our best to get both players to begin at the same time. However, we are not going to make the players sync up between stages or anything like that. After the initial go, both players will just do their thing and set their own paces. Coordinating the dual is basically impossible anyway, especially with resets involved.


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