Announcing the 1st Ever Arcade Shmup 1cc Kumite!

Hello Everyone!

Today I would like to announce a new experimental idea that I think could be a really cool live event for the shmup scene moving forward, the Arcade 1cc Kumite. *Note* This is not a replacement for Shmup Slam, just another event series I am interested in exploring.

So what is the Arcade 1cc Kumite? It is a live event that I plan to hold on Saturday, February 13th, 2021 with an experimental format. The format is a series of duels between shmup players for a survival 1cc in a predetermined shmup. The goal of the duel will be the player to clear the shmup with the LEAST AMOUNT of deaths (not the highest number of extends). That is the victory condition, not to have the highest score.

Why the least amount of deaths, rather than the highest score?!

There are a number of reasons why this victory condition has been chosen over the traditional highest score wins format. The first reason is that finding players who share similar scoring potentials across games is fairly rare and will greatly limit the ability for match ups to happen. The second reason is that the kumite live format is more aimed at testing a player’s foundational skills in the genre, rather than their specific knowledge of a given game. Lastly, this format has been chosen because scoreplay is the default mode of playing shmups competitively and already has strong representation in the genre, but survival focused game play is not necessarily valued or represented.

Another benefit of focusing on survival is that it is much faster to learn and allows for more innovative strategies among the players, whereas most shmup routing has been established for scoring. Also, depending on the game, scoring can be beyond recovery (like losing max in Dodonpachi early), but survival always has the chance for a comeback victory until the very end, for the most part.

Where to Watch

Shmup 1cc Kumite will be streamed live on my youtube channel:

Here is the stream schedule!

This is going to be fun!!


Mark MSX

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