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Hi There!

Thank you for submitting your score! Remember, a video link is required for all scores in the top 10%, with a minimum of top three for games with low submissions and a maximum of top 10 for games with many submissions.

Before submitting please read THIS PAGE about the rules and philosophy of this board.

In order to enter your score, you must be signed up/logged in (which is a quick process). Here is the LINK to login or sign up.

If you are submitting multiple scores, feel free to use the additional rows. My Dodonpachi score is an example that you can refer to. Please, try and match its formatting as much as possible. If you are entering scores for a new game or mode that has not been listed on the site before, don’t worry as the moderators will make the needed game or page. If you are listing a score for an obscure mode, you may receive a follow-up email asking for further clarification.

To enter your score, simply write the data into the desired row or rows. Once you have finished entering the score data, simply refresh or close the page. The score that you entered will then be saved for the moderators to see. As you will see there are 30 rows for you to enter your scores. How this will work is that the scores are updated in batches. So once the batch of submissions that your scores belong to is updated, the page of score submissions will be reset and it will become blank again for your next group of score submissions. You can submit 1 score at a time as well.

Key to Fields:

  • Game = The game your score belongs to. Take note that arranges are not considered a separate game, but label revisions are separate. 
  • Version = This is where you specify what version of the game you are playing. You would list if it is an arrange mode here, or if it is the arcade mode what version of the arcade (like Japanese and so forth).
  • Type = The ship or character that you play. In some games, this can get sort of complicated, but do your best to make it as simple as possible.
  • Score = The score achieved. Please list the score with commas. 
  • Stage = the stages reached or cleared. If you cleared the game please write 1cc. If you cleared a game with 2 loops (like Dodonpachi), please write 2-all. If you cleared the first loop only, then 1-all. Otherwise, list the last stage you reached before dying. You may indicate if you made it to the stage boss with a B at the end of your listing. Such as 1-6B.
  • Player = The player who achieved the score.
  • Link = Link to your video, screenshot, or inp. Remember that video is the only required element for higher scores, but you can also include a link to an inp file if you would like in the “comment” section. Please don’t link both the video and inp in the link section, and don’t bother with a screenshot if you already have a video. 
  • Country = the country the player is from. This is optional. If you are submitting a legacy score or live on your own personal island, you can leave this blank. 
  • Comment = This is also optional. Please don’t leave off-putting comments, otherwise, they’ll just get deleted when we list the score.

Score Submissions Coming Soon! We are currently in the process of moving over legacy scores.

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