Gameplay & Commentary

Road to 80 Million in Dodonpachi w/ Commentary

(In Reverse Order)

Part IV: 86 Million


Part III: 73 Million


Part II: 63 Million


Part I: 49 Million


Chill Shmup Practice and w/ Commentary

(Starting with Most Recent)

The Clutchness! DOJ 1-All Demonstration Practice



1-All Survival Runs

(Order of Highest Difficulty)

Dodonpachi DaiOuJou Black Label Plus (Xbox 360)


Dodonpachi DaiOuJou Black Label (ShmupMame)


Danmaku Unlimited 3 Graze Medium (Switch)


Dodonpachi x3 (ShmupMame)


Dodonpachi (My 1st 1-All)

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