Dodonpachi MiSTer Training Mode Development Donation Tracker!


Hi Everyone!

As I mentioned previously on my post on Youtube:

REALLY COOL NEWS FOR THE MISTER FANS! So after my DDP Mister review video, I got in contact with the developer who did the No Boot Screen Mod for the Dodonpachi Mister core. He offered to fulfill my request for the stage select mode on the MiSTer for $500. So I’m reaching out to see if any other MiSTer fans would be willing to contribute to the project (it will be publicly available of course). I have $200 I’m already willing to drop, so that just leaves $300 🙂
The Stage Select will allow the player to choose any stage on boot up, select ship type, number of power ups, number of bombs/Max, and also Big Bee and Hibachi are their own stage (2-7). This will be done on the Japanese rom with C-Button enabled.
If interested just reply to this thread and mention how much money you’d be willing to contribute 🙂

The good news is that we are already making great progress! So below is the donation tracker that will show who contributed to the project 🙂

[supsystic-tables id=82]

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