Announcing ShmupSaga: Dodonpachi




Announcing Raizing Cave Club Discord!




Guest Article: Written by Plasmo

Introduction to Scorekeeping for Japanese Arcade Games

and Why World Record Videos are not Mandatory




Announcing Shmup Slam II:

Live Label




Is Shmup Talent Real?

Exploring Why A “Get Gud” Mentality

Is Losing Potential Players




How to Study Shmups, Dissect SuperPlays, and Create Efficient Routes

A Guide to High-Level Play by Juju Kenobi




Accessibility Matters: A Case Study of Ketsui DeathTiny and M2 ShotTriggers

The Best Shmup Port that Nobody Plays





A Hardcore Shmup Player’s Thoughts on the Nintendo Switch

+ My Thoughts on the Switch Lite in Regards to Shmups




Why Shmup Viewer Count Matters (Though I Wish It Didn’t)

A Follow Up to Shmup Viewership Black Hole Article




Is It Too Late?

Are We in a Shmup Viewership Black Hole?




The Japanese Shmup Scene

Interview with Superplayer Arasaka





The Prison of Unpopularity




Guest Article:

Futari 1.0(1)/1.5 Ultra Version Differences

Written By: SMC




Shmup Slam Stream Schedule




The Shmup Review Issue




Shmup Spotlight Vol. 1

Student of STG || Juju Kenobi




Why I Have Stopped Obsessing

About the Secret DDP Glitch




Indie Shmups Communicating

Their Scoring Systems




Is Low Latency Emulation Cheating?




Guest Article:


Written By: Dingo




What is ShmupArch?

Why Does it Matter?




ShmupArch Compatibility List




A Proposal for Updating How We Record

Scores On the Site (Retrospective)

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