Shmup Slam Stream Schedule (May 4th)


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All times Listed in Mountain Standard Time (MST)


I will do my absolute best to stay close to this schedule, but it is by no means guaranteed to be exactly on time with all the working parts. For the runners planning on doing commentary, try and be available half an hour before and after the scheduled time. If that’s not possible, that’s ok, but the run may start or continue after the scheduled time.

If you have talked to me about a run, but it’s not on the schedule, please contact me immediately, as I may have forgotten to include it or something.


7 AM —————- Eero Kurkisuo (LIVE) ———— Judgement Silversword

7:40 AM ———— Weak Bonson ———————- Psyvariar Delta

8 AM —————–Kbr42 (LIVE) ———————-CCWI Unlimited Score

9 AM —————–Eero Kurkisuo (LIVE) ————-Eschatos Time Attack

9:40 AM ————-Lyv ———————————–Sengoku Blade (Low tier)

10 AM —————-Jaimers (commentary) ————DDP 2-all

11 AM —————–Maximo —————————–Assault (JP) ALL

12 PM —————–Juju Kenobi (commentary) ——-DOJ BL (No Laser)

12:30PM ————–SMC ———————————Futari Ultra 1.5 (80 mill extend)

1:20 PM —————SMC ———————————Utra Larsa 1-Miss

1:30 PM —————Eaglet (commentary) ————–Battle Garegga

2 PM ——————-Moglar5k (commentary) ———-Ketsui: IKD 2007 Special

—————————————————————+ Ketsui DOOM

2:30 PM—————-Shepardus ————————–Detana!! TwinBee (No Powerups)

3 PM ——————-Dingo ——————————–Refrain Prism Memories 1cc Score

3:30 PM —————Pearl ———————————Akai Katana 1cc (Vertical)

4 PM ——————-Kiwi (commentary) —————-Devil Engine Very Hard (crazy filters)

4:30 PM —————Mark MSX —————————Space Moth DX Mode Clear/review

5 PM ——————-EmperorIng (commentary) ——–Fantasy Zone (Fast)

5:15 PM —————-EmperorIng (commentary) ——–Espgaluda 1cc score

6 PM ——————–Aim for the Top Score ————–TBD

6:30 PM —————-Mark MSX —————————Danmaku 3 Spirit Hard 1cc Score


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