Hi there!

Welcome to my humble website dedicated to shmups! The purpose of this website is to be an accessible home base for hardcore shmup content. Above you’ll see the various shmup projects I am involved with and am working on, so I definitely encourage you all to explore and have fun. The content is updated pretty frequently, so be sure to check back from time to time.


Mark MSX

World Record Feed From Plasmo!


OmKol – Dodonpachi Daioujou White Label – 2-ALL A-EX 441.433.570

JuJu Kenobi – Dodonpachi – A-L – 322,838,210 – 2ALL

ZPS – Same! Same! Same! (2p version) – 10,000,000+α – Stage 3-10 – Autofire On

Battle Garegga (Gain) – 20,959,490 by Kamui [World Record!]

Ketsui Ura 2-All (Type A) – 511,000,799 by Moglar5k

Guwange (Kosame) – 99,999,999 (counterstop!) by Yuru

Sengoku Blade 2-All (Junis) – 1,807,600 by LyvMeAlone

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